Electronic scale battery placed after a period of time not filling into how be to return a responsibility?

by:Freego     2020-08-07
Electronic scale battery placed after a period of time not filling into how be to return a responsibility? Now basically every household has a electronic scale, there are a lot of people buy the electronic scale, with six months or so electronic scale battery can't charge in the electricity or need to replace battery electronic balance, usually many of them are the cause of the battery it won't lead to battery electronic balance in electricity. 。 Electronic scale problem: the battery may be the reason for the electronic scale battery itself. If bad, you want to change a new battery electronic balance. There is a battery life, proper electronic table scale as a night to electricity, can only use a few hours or a day, a kilo represents the electronic scale battery is aging state, to replace the battery electronic balance in time. Table for some new electronic scales with lithium batteries, lithium battery is a lot less chance, if it is a lithium battery, will contact the manufacturer of the after-sales department how to judge is the electronic scale battery itself: if your electronic scale normal charge for a night of electricity, can only use a few hours or a day, that means electronic scale battery aging, replace a new battery. Line charging or charger problem: electronic said line charging or the cause of the charger, can also lead to electronic scale battery into electricity, not replace new charging line and the charger is ok. In a charger, if good, electronic scale storage battery is no problem. If no light when charging or charging symbol, you can try a few more socket, or if not we can confirm that is a problem of charger or line fault board; Rule out the factors of the charger, also eliminate the factors of electronic scale battery estimate is the electronic table scale motherboard problem, the main problems, can lead to electronic scale storage battery is not enough electricity, replacing a electronic table scale motherboard is ok. Some electronic table scale is not the built-in transformer, and to use the power cord, so this kind of built-in charging line, will be welded on the motherboard, so the mainboard problem also will naturally lead to problems in terms of not filling in the internal wiring of electricity: internal wiring of electronic scale problem, can also lead to electronic scale battery charge it into electricity. At this point, the internal wiring of the checks to the appropriate line for replacement or repair. Some cheap electronic scale trembled, in the process of transportation cause cell line or other lines breaketh, good welding is ok
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