Electric vehicle battery failure inspection methods

by:Freego     2020-08-07
Use condition difference is big, also lead to the difference of electric characteristics, customer feel to understand into battery products quality problem. In electronic components, battery repair rate is higher, below lists the common fault of some typical conditions. Electric vehicle battery failure inspection methods: common ZouDian conditions: first, the top and bottom groove in the middle of the sealing is not very good or caused by the impact. Sealant cracks caused by liquid leakage; The second is cover valve leak acid; The third is connecting head end acid leakage; The fourth is leaking acid. Regularly check to solve to the common faults should be the first to examine acid leakage. Disassembling cover, look at the valve cover surrounding have acid leaked stain, then open valve cover observed rechargeable batteries in the lithium battery electrolyte liquidity. Described in after work, if not found abnormal situation, should be carried out on test ( In the water pump up working pressure and observe the rechargeable batteries have cause and bubble, a bubble express acid leaking) 。 During the whole process in the battery, is there any liquid electrolyte solution.
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