Electric coach items should be paid attention to in the battery PACK

by:Freego     2020-06-28
Electric coach items should be paid attention to in the battery PACK 1 structure installation: electric buses of the battery PACK is generally composed of several power battery module, such as high voltage control cabinet after PACK processing and assembly, after completion of the PACK battery box, average weight - in 200 - - - - - - - - - - - - 400 kg, so the design structure, the first consideration should be given a single module can be installed, is there a handling conditions, whether to have fixed conditions, whether to have rapid loading and unloading conditions, at the same time to consider body fixed on the vehicle, and maintenance, to ensure that the battery can be quickly fixed and out of the car body; The strength of the structure of 2: general battery in the vehicle arrangement of space are compact, namely depot will maximize battery supplier in effective space, decorate the maximum capacity of the battery, resulting in the battery box body in structure design as far as possible will be made of sheet metal parts to complete must according to the battery arrangement position, so consider the strength of the box body problem, because the battery module is quite heavy, if we do not consider this problem, so the battery casing in the subsequent transport is produced in the process of deformation, it, for the battery PACK is absolutely not allowed. 3 module integration: a single module at the end of the PACK, to each other together of battery PACK, consideration should be given to each other in the series can be at this moment, meet the rapid security form of serial interface; 4 battery box body internal layout: the battery inside the box body is battery string and module and BMS and electrical components such as insurance, this is in the process of design considering the characteristics of electrical components, also consider the maintenance problems in the process of using, also said that must meet the on-site maintenance personnel can quickly electrical components for maintenance of single box module; 5 internal insulation problem: battery when designing structure already is the insulation of the negative pole into consideration, but the car battery uncertainty is too complex, so the PACK must be set separately in the process of insulation condition, meet the impact, vibration, humidity under the complex environment, including battery still is safe and effective; 6 wire layout and fixed: conductor arrangement generally just meet the reasonable wiring, emphasize the problem is fixed, only with colloid viscosity on the stent is not enough, must use cable tie locked up in the corresponding protection, must ensure that the terminals of the wire does not produce the shaking loose or the possibility of or the devil! And heat dissipation, dustproof, waterproof problem: the advantages and disadvantages of different batteries, it is depending on the shape of the battery and battery cooling performance to solve the problem, dustproof, waterproof; Generally USES suction type radiator, so that we can quickly put the inside of the battery box body hot air discharge, import cooler outside air to take away the battery on the surface of the heat - cycles - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Forced air flow, temperature control. The resulting problem is dustproof, this problem very good processing, material and structure is handling solution. Waterproof, on average vehicle batteries do consider, but for the spray car, sanitation car special vehicle power system using the environment, such as on the structure layout must consider the problem. Battery box body to consider in sealing, import and export of wire impermeability, resistance to water is very important, the vehicle or the whole internal clean face moisture state, decided to the designer's deal! 8 corrosion resistance: the problem is easier to be ignored, because most of the use of electric buses and electric cars still have a lot of limitations, the instability of the safety of the battery system, general need not to used in corrosive environment. But we can't rule out vehicle long time exposed in this state of affairs in the air, with corrosive coastal cities, for example, the vapor composition of the water in the air is larger, and urban air pollution is more serious areas, electrical components and the exposed part of the body can cause corrosion damage, cause the system paralysis. So when choosing electrical components and parts should avoid such causes the battery will not work. Above is electric buses and electric vehicle battery PACK process several problems that should be paid attention to, as the technology improvement and development in the field of electric vehicle applications, may also face new problems, such as in low temperature environment will involve the battery insulation problems, as the electric car battery supplier, will be for each type electric vehicle battery system design a safe, reliable and practical. Designers, to put himself into the user first, to transform their WeiXiuZhe, finally, from the perspective of the seller to review product design work, only in this way can design a safe, beautiful and practical things to.
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