Each battery battery terminal connection method

by:Freego     2020-08-02
Battery each battery terminal before install and use a method to connect battery battery device with the matters needing attention, strong battery each battery terminal connection methods battery considerations before installation and use of the storage battery, each cell of the battery terminal should be firmly connected. First of all, according to the requirement of the equipment and usage, carefully review the products. Normally, we should pay attention to the following: the initial charging current size should be according to the specification values, or according to 1/10 current of rated capacity. Step by step in the application of normal charging, it is best to use constant current charging method, namely, in the beginning phase of charging in charge after a certain time, use of low current, such as charge later stage, use the smaller current. The charging method of charging power is higher, shorter charging time, charging effect is good, is conducive to extend battery life. 1, the installation program should consider the site condition, such as: ground load; Ventilated environment; The sunshine; Corrosion and organic solvent; Cloth computer maintenance is convenient; System requirements; And so on. 2, before processing can't mix new old batteries, can not be mixed with the same capacity of different battery or battery In. 3, 100%, in the factory all charge of the battery need to be careful operation, to avoid short circuit, insulating gloves should be worn when installation to avoid electric shock. 4, use before installing battery in environment, storage life for 3 months, if more than 3 months, if the storage life of more than 3 months, should be in the equipment before using the battery in the environment. In the 40 v/cell ( 250). The voltage of the battery recharging. 5. According to the regulation of tandem line connect the battery in the column, contacts between layer and the panel. Should carefully check the negative polarity, and in the end of the device is the connector and the entire FuJie battery system through before the voltage measurement system. In setting up under the premise of cross sectional area, lead wire should be as short as possible to reduce the high current discharge voltage drop. When two sets of batteries in parallel, each group of the battery to the load of cable length is equal to the best, so that when the battery charge and discharge, convenient for each group of battery current balance. 6, should tighten the battery connection, must tighten the battery. 7. At the end of the equipment, should check the system power supply and the positive and negative battery again, to ensure the battery device with accurate. 8, use soap and water wet soft cloth to clean the tank shell, but the tight force is high, also can avoid to damage the post. 7. Do not use organic solvent cleaning the lid, panels, and joint corrosion battery cover and other components.
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