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durable lifepo4 battery cylindrical wholesale for power tools

durable lifepo4 battery cylindrical wholesale for power tools

Durable lifepo4 battery cylindrical wholesale for power tools

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3.2V 10AH
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Product Information of durable lifepo4 battery cylindrical wholesale for power tools
Company Advantages
1. The design of Freego lithium ion battery pack concerns factors in both function and aesthetics. They are appearance, function, placement, assembly, materials, and so forth. The product is easy to install and disassembly
2. 'Persist in providing the best service' is the Freego Power Co., Ltd.'s philosophy. The product is optimized for low self-discharge
3. The product is colorfast and will not fade even after multiple times of washings, although it will soften. The product meets the requirements of low internal resistance



Nominal capacity

10Ah @ 0.5C

Minimum capacity

9.5Ah @ 0.5C

Nominal voltage


Max Charging voltage

3.65 ±0.05 V

Discharge ending voltage

2.5 ±0.05 V

Charge current

Standard charge: 0.5C

                         Max charge: 1C when T≥10 OC

                  Max charge: 0.2C when 10 OC≥T≥0 OC

                   Max charge: 0.1C when 0 OC≥T≥-10 OC    

Discharge current

                                  Standard discharge: 1C                                                   Max continuous discharge: 3C                                               Max instant (30s) discharge: 10C

Recommended charge and discharge

cell surface temperature

        Charge: 045 OC                                 

                               Discharge: -2060 OC

Maximum allowable charge and discharge cell surface

temperature. Charging and discharging at these conditions will shorten cell cycle life.

Charge: 60 OC
Discharge: 75 OC

Humidity range

090%RH (noncondensing)

Internal resistance

6mOhm (AC Impedance, 1000HZ)

Cell dimension

   Height: 136 mm Max                            

                       Diameter: 38.5mm Max





Discharge rate capability

discharge capacity at 1C

discharge capacity at 0.5C


discharge capacity at 3C

discharge capacity at 0.5C


discharge capacity at 5C

discharge capacity at 0.5C


Cycle life

discharge capacity of 2000th cycle

original discharge capacity


High-Low temperature discharge

performance (0.5C discharge)

discharge capacity at -10 OC

discharge capacity at 25OC


discharge capacity at 0 OC

discharge capacity at 25OC


discharge capacity at 60 OC

discharge capacity at 25OC


Storage performance

residual capacity after 28d storage

original diacharge capacity


recover capacity after 28d storage 

original diacharge capacity


Company Features
1. Freego Power Co., Ltd. is devoted to developing new products, most of which are pioneers in the China market.
2. Our research and development team is well equipped with intimate expertise and industry know-how. Before a new product is developed, the team will conduct an evaluation of the need for the product to ensure whether it is the product that our customers need.
3. We always believe that innovation is a breaking point that we should attach more importance to. Besides adopting international technologies, we need to keep us to be inspired by the latest market trends and potential purchasing trends.
Usually my husband burns through the batteries on his cordless drills and it is cheaper to just buy a whole new set than new batteries. Well, this time his charger quit. That was a first. This charger works great.
Works well.
Very impressed! Got for Christmas, still have not had to charge once. Sitting in cold garage and still working great
Great product, great price!
Works so far. Came in a clear plastic bag.
Not as good as I thought or hoped. I was convinced by other reviews that I had read. My experience was not satisfying. The instructions didn't mash with what it identified for charging and supposedly "rapid charging". It's confusing. I continued trying a few times more but either one was charged by what the light showed and the other wasn't and it turned out neither had a full charge even after being plugged in for a long time. The battery types and numbers were compatible from what was listed.
works well as advertised
works very well for the 3000mAh Batteries!
I have quite a few battery chargers, but I really enjoy this one. It charges the batteries in a reasonable amount of time, but more importantly, I like that it has LED indicator lights to let you know once the batteries are charged. Another huge positive feature in my opinion is that it has a power cord instead of the charger itself having to be plugged into the wall. The only reason that I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that it only charges 2 batteries at a time. If it charged 4, I would have given it 5 stars! This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I would recommend purchasing this product to anyone needing a good quality charger.
Works well Very happy with this product
Works as expected. Just recently receive and it does works pretty good. Receive this a discounted price
What's not to love? HSS, Recycle time is ridiculously quick, battery lasted forever at the last event I shot that was 5 hours and I still had a full bar at the end of the night.
I'm just getting into the wedding photography space right now - and using a flash is a game changer, especially at night during reception and of course in low light situations! The Godox V860II-S works wonderfully! The company I currently shoot for, uses on camera flash exclusively throughout the entire day! It's their look, and I was getting tired from borrowing their lenses and flashes (they use Canon 5d mark iii) these cameras are beastly! Their heavy and cumbersome, and they are just too big to carry around. The Godox flash, is significantly smaller and I was afraid that the batter wouldn't last the 8 hours that I would need it for. To my surprise, this flash did superbly - in fact I had it on my camera for about a total of 4 hours with it powered on. The battery lasted the entire day and still had more than 50% power left - - I'm very impressed. The Godox lost a start for it's material - I wish, just like everyone else that the hot shoe mount was in fact metal. The plastic doesn't feel 100% secure, when you screw it on - - in fact it slide out once (probably user error). Nonetheless it feels like that's where Godox cut the corner there to keep this budget friendly. I've only used it for about 4 weddings now - and so far it's holding out nicely. The weight is light, the plastics feel durable-ish, and the form factor is perfect for my Sony a7iii. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative the very expensive external Flashes that Sony offer.
The V860II-S flashes and the Xpro-S trigger combine to make a fantastic combination. I bought five of these flashes and the Xpro-S to use for taking pictures of hummingbirds. They work great and recharge very fast. I can take about 5 pictures per second with the fully charged large batteries. With this combination, I can get lots of photos of the hummingbirds in flight and with the wings STOPPED!
It would have 5 stars but the body feels a bit cheap and not solid.
I bought this flash with the AD200 and the Sony trigger. I did a quick sunset shoot with the kids in the front yard that came out awesome. Coming from Alien Bees/conventional strobes to this is like future tech. Having high speed sync and the wireless triggers is a dream come true.
When i received the flash,charged the battery, put it on my 6500, set it up a flash fill and it works great. will use it at our granddaughters church program tonight
Appears to be good product. Instruction manual is lame, though.
I am very impressed with the Zanflare battery charger. I am an Electronic/Electrical Engineer graduate of the University of Missouri at Rolla and have experience testing batteries for the U. S. Navy. This charger is perfect for home use and properly tests and recharges several types batteries automatically. Several chargers for home use over charge batteries causing damage by excessive heat. Other brands disregard how much charge is left in a battery before they start charging. The Zanflare model C4 discharges each battery independently before charging; other chargers connect batteries in series to recharge without considering how much capacity is left in each battery, resulting in over charging/over heating and damage to the battery. I AM IMPRESSED WITH THE ZANFLARE C4 CHARGER. I receive no compensation for this review.
Excellent 4 slot charger that meet most home charging needs. I especially like the fast battery capacity testing feature of this charger. It allows me to quickly determine the health of my batteries. Highly recommended. Pro: - Automatically detect battery type and set the optimal charging current - Fast and normal battery testing mode - 4 independent slot with matching display for charging and testing - Quality construction with good ventilation - Ability to quickly display battery internal resistance to monitor battery health - Good quality power supply Con: - Charger is a little large, but this allows for proper ventilation by design - Charging speed is adequate but not top of class, most people don't need anything faster - Not compatible with 4.35v or LiFePO4 batteries, again not an issue for most people Overall, this replaced a cheap 2 slot charger as my daily driver. It has everything I need, and seems to be built to last.
Wow! This charger is amazing! It has been a major lifesaver for charging up all our batteries it is so versatile you can take it everywhere with you from your home to your car when your travelling. The interface is so easy to use all you have to do is set the batteries inside and the smart charger does the rest for you there is no complicated features it is very easy to use and understand. I have even showed my grandmother how to use it so she can charge up all her batteries that she stores in a drawer incase of emergencies. Stay prepared with this smart charger it charges very quickly as well, i am so pleased with it im going to buy more and give them away as gifts. Trust me you will not be disappointed if you are thinking about buying this charger, do it. Included in the box is the charger its self and two power cords as i mentioned it is very simple to use.
Charges almost all types of batteries and worked great for charging up my 18650s for my new super bright flash light
Works as advertised. Charged 18650 and 26650 batteries with no problem. Charges fast and it's nice to see the charge progress rather than just a blinking LED as provided with cheap chargers.
Ordered this charger to recharge batteries for my electric toothbrush. It works great and love the display that shows when the batteries are charged.
a bit over priced just a different branding the internals looks very similar to my other generic smart charger
Good for the 18650 battery, works great. Issue is with the smaller AA & AAA batteries, They are hard to get detected since the top of the battery slides off the top post of the charger.
Super versatile. I use it on several different battery types and have not had an issue yet. Thinking of buying another.
Got it quickly, and it fired right up, charged the batteries as needed and displayed the results throughout the process.
ONLY PROBLEM is I should have gotten the one that holds more batterys. LOVE THIS CHARGER...
Works with all types of rechargeable batteries. Firmware knows when to stop charging. Very satisfied.
Works great. Instructions could be dumb down a little bit for the plug and go users. Screen is very bright when charging batteries.
Good size for a charger and works perfectly. Good quality.
Really good. It is a 2 in 1 charger: you can charge 2 different battery types at the same time.
This is much better than my older one. The read out leaves no guessing. Charges fast too.
Works for both sizes LION and NI-MH, good display.
I have been in the electronic and electrical field longer than I'll say here this charger is incredible-enough said
Exactly what I wanted and does the job nicely. Car adapter nice to have too.
great product. love it.
This charger is very nice. The display is large and clear. It appears to charge any battery from a AAA NIMH to a 18650 cell.
Finally one that works as advertised. Durable, Like the car charger. Wont be disappointed.
So far so good. Charged my vaporizer batteries with no problem. Took about 4 hours to go from 40% to full. Highly recommended.
Good battery charger. Gets the job done.
I was impressed. Good product.
Very great items working great
charges every battery i own
Nice Product at a reasonable price
Works great. Charged my batteries quick and was easy to use. The LED screen was simple understand. I like it and am glad I bought this charger.
Works great!
Keeps my batteries primed!
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