Demand growth in the electric car driving fast drop in energy storage technology progress lithium battery costs

by:Freego     2020-06-12
“ In the past three years, lithium-ion battery energy storage system cost quickly fell by 50%, the second by 50% over the next three years also seems to be within reach. With the rapid drop in energy storage costs, can expect the rapid growth of the electric vehicles and grid energy storage project, the rapid development of the energy storage industry is expected to become the power and energy on the basis of dynamic change. ” Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance director Eric chen-hua yu in the latest release of the 2016 white paper on energy storage industry research ( Hereinafter referred to as: white paper) In this note. Has been in the industry of aristocratic equipment & ndash; — This year, energy storage, with new attitude to appear in front of the industry. Thanks to the rapid growth of the electric car market, energy storage materials from innovation research, improve system efficiency, battery monomer multiple links such as continuously enterprising, energy storage market waiting for outbreak in breeding. Li-ion battery technology ACTS as the leading role, the report said China's energy storage market from the point of view of technology distribution, in running the project, the application of energy storage technology mainly in lithium ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and flow battery, and lithium ion battery of the cumulative size proportion is the largest, accounts for two-thirds of the market in China. Eric chen-hua yu said: & other; As a decline in the cost of the development of power battery for energy storage. ” It is reported that domestic manufacturers develop energy storage projects focused on lithium ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and flow battery technology manufacturers. By the end of 2015, China's energy storage program installed in the size of the top 10 manufacturers, the number of lithium-ion battery manufacturers the most, there are six. Broadening the industry chain, earlier in the upstream of batteries battery material layout from a purely electric car market growth in dividends. Industry insiders said: & other; High degree of marketization of the auto industry to storage the survival and development of the enterprise provides the soil. To achieve energy storage technology, reduced cost, need huge research and development funds. Under the circumstances of price policy remains unclear, storage enterprises only relying on the car market, can realize the battery research core of competitiveness. ” In the electric car market), energy storage enterprise again beautiful transcripts. Recently, the China association of automobile manufacturers released figures showing that China's new energy vehicle production in April 31266, sales of 31722 units, year-on-year growth in 178. 3% and 190. 6%. Of pure electric vehicle production completed 23918 and 23908, respectively, year-on-year growth in 227. 9% and 243. 8%. From 2020, only four years, the country's 5 million new energy car ownership to open a blockbuster single power battery production, in other words will also provide battery technology breakthrough possible. “ From the point of view of distribution of energy storage technology, lithium ion battery technology mature, high specific energy, good stability, the price is relatively modest, installed high proportion, fast growth, through hair, transport, distribution, with each link. ” Silver long hai-jun li, vice President of the automobile research institute said at the meeting. Market appeared polarization trend of lithium ion battery large camps, including cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, and other technical departments. Whether applied to power battery or storage project, considering the safety of the battery, it should belong to the first. Times the energy density, manganese acid lithium, lithium titanate, lithium iron phosphate technology into the first camp. Eric chen-hua yu stressed: & other; On the premise of security, high cost performance products will inevitably affect the choice of the technical route. It is important to note that the security is still the qualitative indicators, the future energy storage applications deal with product safety quantitative indexes are put forward. ” It is known that silver long new energy and the southern power grid to build the country & other; 863 plan & throughout; Demonstration projects of energy storage power station project 2 mw lithium titanate battery energy storage station in April 2015 by the Ministry of Science and Technology. High security, 24000 ~ 35000 times the cycle of life, 6 ~ 10 minutes fast charging performance, minus 50 ~ 60 degrees Celsius wide temperature environment, let in the lithium battery lithium titanate camp. , director of the China electric power research institute DianGongSuo to well-off said: & other; Lithium titanate performance advantages especially for the grid ratio performance requirements. Large capacity storage system should promote long life, low cost of lithium titanate battery technology. ” White paper points out that by the end of 2020, perfect the lithium ion battery materials research and development and preparation technology of various components, compete with the international level, the cycle life of up to 6000 ~ 8000 times, system costs have fallen to 1000 ~ 1500 yuan/KWH. It is understood that the current lithium battery costs an average of 2000 ~ 3000 yuan/KWH, the mainstream production cost system can achieve 1500 ~ 2000 yuan/KWH, the battery costs under 1000 yuan/KWH. So far, with the rapid development of the electric car market, battery manufacturing companies are expanding capacity, battery costs or to fall further. Eric chen-hua yu stressed: & other; Energy storage market appeared polarization trend, a producer capacity is insufficient, the three kinds of plant manufacturers can protruding problem of excess. Manufacturers need to combine oneself circumstance productivity layout adjustment.
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