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customized best battery for bike a120 online for electric bicycle

customized best battery for bike a120 online for electric bicycle

Customized best battery for bike a120 online for electric bicycle

Air door to door/sea/FOB
TT/PAYPAL/Western Union
378*40*99mm 24V 8-12.5AH 36V 8-10AH 48V 7.5AH
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Company Advantages
1. A wide range of parameters is taken into consideration when developing Freego dry battery for bike . The kinds of electrolyte, battery shell, the arrangement of the positive electrode and the negative electrode are all seriously considered. Before being shipped, the product is carefully examined and well packed
2. Freego Power Co., Ltd. always takes the lead to produce high quality best battery for bike . The product is optimized for low self-discharge
3. This product is free of any objectionable odor. The toxic chemicals which may cause bad smell have been eliminated at the production stage. It is of light-weight design and easily movable

  • Applicable for electric bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles,and other small vehicles;

  • Fixed to the down tube easily and save space;

  • Over 2000 life cycles which can work approx. 5 years;

  • Thin size and light weight with Plastic material;

  • Special cell holders design is safer for cells’ vibration.






Normal Capacity

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

7500mAh (0.2c)

Normal Voltage




Inter Impedance




Maximum Charge Current




Maximum Charge Voltage




Constant Discharge Current




Maximum Discharge Current




Discharge Stop Voltage




Weight Reference




Life Cycles

800 cycles

Work Temperature





Store Temperature

In one month


In sit month



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Company Features
1. Freego Power Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates R&D and manufacture of best battery for bike . Our finest e-bike battery lay a solid foundation for the development of Freego in this market.
2. Technical personnel in Freego guarantee the quality of ebike battery .
3. The technology competency of Freego Power Co., Ltd. is highly recognized. We are committed to protecting our environment. We carry out reuse and recycle programs to make efficient use of natural resources and energy in all operations.
Easy to fill, fit perfectly and Yuasa makes this high quality battery here in the US. The battery acid is not installed in the battery itself but ships in a linked set of plastic tubes. I believe this is required by the major shipping companies or perhaps by law. In any event, adding the acid to the battery is cleverly simple, takes almost no time and does not require pouring the acid or exposure to it. You do need to let the battery sit for a while to stabilize before connecting it to your charger. Highly recommended. Yuasa (YUAM6219BL) YT19BL-BS Sealed Battery
Good price and easy to use.
Unbelievably strong battery. I read the reviews saying it was stronger than the original battery, and they were right. I have a 1996 BMW R1100RT. It's only been a week but it's a great battery for a great price. The packaging kind of sucked from Amazon, but the battery was fine. The fun part was watching the acid go into the battery... Never did anything like that before LOL.
Battery fit as advertised. It came with battery acid in a separate container. Acid was very easy to add as the container had sections for the acid for each cell and just tipped into the battery. Very good idea to add acid. Came with new bolts and seems to do a very good job.
Exact same dimensions as the one that came out of my 2012 BMW K1600gt. Seems like it has more CCA then 170. Very easy to add acid pack that comes with it and permanently seal it. Looking forward to see how the lead calcium technology makes a difference in longevity.
I use the Large size on my 2012 BMW R1200RT. Fits perfectly. It is very light and dries quickly on wet mornings. I have packed it in a plastic bag in a side case all day and it has never developed mold or mildew, though I dry it out within 12-15 hours if possible. It is not waterproof, but in heavy dew or rain situations, it is easy to dry the bike after shaking the water off the cover and removing it. And yes it IS possible to get the cover packed into the sewn in zipper bag attached to it. Just stuff it in there, don't try to fold it, just stuff it like you were in a pie eating contest, only the contest is to get the cover in the bag. Just stuff, stuff and stuff some more. Get it into the corners first. Yes, it does fit, I have done it 20-30 times. The material is light, drys quickly, resists mold/mildew, and most dirt. Cleans easily. I use this cover inside my garage over the winter, and on the road 4-6 weeks per year to keep dust, pollen, and bugs as well as unwelcome eyes and hands off the bike. For the price, it can't be beat.
Caution!!! Be careful when relying on the fit/sizing indication for this battery. This battery DOES NOT fit a 2005 K1200S although it shows that it does. You CANNOT return batteries so be absolutely sure when you order that the item fits your motorcycle. I gave the battery 5 stars because I have another BMW that it does fit so I was lucky. This is a great battery and as long as it's charged will last at least 3 years. Ride Safe!
I think this will be a great battery however buyers need to know that when they get their package the electrolyte levels in the applicator may not be consistent in amount per vial. Had I not noticed the lower level in the two tubes and failed to top up the two low cells I'm sure the battery would have failed prematurely. I emailed Yuasa about the need for an additional comment on the instruction sheet to address the possibility of variations in fluid level in the filler manifold. I haven't heard back yet. I did email them earlier about the fact that I had had the problem and had already emptied the fluid from the tubes without leveling first. Their reply simply indicated that I had screwed up buy not leveling the fluid levels and that my battery was now doomed to premature failure. The indication was that I should have noticed the irregulare levels and fixed the problem before pouring the fluid into the battery. WELL ......YES......I should have !!!!! And I would have !!!! IF I had been warned in the instructions of the possible problem !!!manifold will not be level and these MUST be leveled before pouring into the battery. There is nothing said about doing this equalizing of the electrolyte levels in the instructions leading me to believe that this is probably the cause of battery failures listed here on Amazon reviews. Here is what is missing in the instructions: IF THE LEVELS OF THE ELECTROLYTE IN THE APPLICATOR TUBES ARE NOT ALL AT EQUAL LEVEL, REPEATEDLY AND SLOWLY ROTATE THE APPLICATOR TUBES FROM LAYING FLAT TO THE UPRIGHT POSITION AND TO THE UPSIDE DOWN POSITION UNTIL ALL THE LEVELS ARE PERFECTLY EQUAL. FAILURE TO DO DO WILL RESULT IN SOME CELLS BEING OVER FULL AND SOME CELLS BEING LOW ON ELECTROLYTE CAUSING PREMATURE FAILURE !!!! I had already started pouring the electrolyte when I noticed that the fluid in 2 of the tubes was 1 1/2" lower than the others but it was TOO LATE. I marked which tubes were low on fluid and then added more clean new electrolyte to the two low cells until I could see that the tops of the plates were covered and stayed wet (fiberglass between the plates was completely saturated). The other cells are just overfull enough to barely show a very thin layer of extra wetness. I then charged the battery normally for 5 hours @ 1 amp at which time the Battery showed 15 volts while charging, 13.03 V off the charger,
received this battery dry, and followed instructions for filling it with the acid provided,charged one hour,installed in my Ninja motorcycle and I was amazed how powerful this battery is. Good quality battery!!!
Strong replacement battery for a DR650; would definitely buy again.
Bought this in February 2014 for a 92 650 Maxium that has to sit outside. Fit pretty good. Its mid September now and it is well on its way needing replacement. I suspect the next time I pull it off, it will tear and be useless. Have used Guardian covers for years and this one has had a very definite short life. Exposure to the Central Texas sun has made the fabric start to get holes in it. Maybe I will move up to the next better one and see how long it lasts. I have had the higher end Guardian covers last two or more years in climates much more extreme than Central Texas. At $40, (comes out to $5 a month) the protection it afforded my freshly painted and upholstered Maxium seems to be a bargain. Maybe be better to make room for it in the man cave next to my XS11.
Has not seen heavy use, but so far the build quality seems very good. fits very snug and the vents seem like they will keep water from dripping in. Edit: Have been using it daily at work. so far it seems to survive touching the hot exhaust pipes up to a minute without burning or melting. Rolling or folding it neatly into the bag is nearly impossible, so I just bundle it in... Once in its bag, it's compact enough to fit in my backpack and is not that heavy. The other day, some humidity made it into the motorcycle, but realized it was because one of the vents was pointing up, make sure the vents are pointing down. If the bag deteriorates quickly it's because the elements are very harsh where you live and only means it's doing its job of protecting the bike.
This cover is great. Very affordable, and I've been using it daily for nearly a year now. No rips, tears, or holes. You just have to take your time putting it on, and don't try to pull it down when it's not properly positioned. This has kept rain, snow, and other debris off of my bike, which would otherwise be unprotected. As long as you can take the 30 seconds to properly use the cover, putting it on or taking it off, you will have no issues and it will last quite some time.
Bought this as a replacement battery for a Honda Spree scooter. It was easy to install the electrolyte solution per the instructions. It fit the compartment, hooked up easily, and cranked right up. Just couldn't be happier with it for this application.
Waited to review until I actually used it for awhile. Very happy and holds charge even after sitting 3 weeks in my freezing garage.
Shipped fast, the clever pre-measured and cell-ganged electrolyte fill packaging makes filling the battery easy and almost impossible to "mess up," and leaves no left over acid to deal with. Direct fit replacement on my Harley Ultra Classic. Easy to install. It's a 5-star if it holds up as well as the original and a 3-star if it doesn't.
I used this battery in an all night bike race with the MJ 902 light. The battery lasted all night(7hrs) . i was able to conserve battery by switching from low for the climbs and to high for the descents.
Very happy with this battery, so much so, I bought a second as backup. I commute by bike daily and they got me through the winter great. I get far more run time out of these than the ones that originally came with my lights. Nice to know I will get home with power to spare.
Good packaging, been holding up, I have purchased this brand for all my smaller batteries, seem to hold up, just be smart about it and make sure you don't have a drain on the system and take care of the machine and the batteries hold up.
It's a big battery that feels well made!
Great product and Fast shipping NO problems
Exact replacement for my 2011 Harley Streetglide. Only in for a month. Time will tell
Replacement battery for my ATV. It works. What else can you say?
Great battery and timely delivery.
First off, 'Old Drum' is accurate in his assessment. I would suggest letting the battery sit for one hour to allow the acid to interact with the lead plates before charging. Also, if you are troubleshooting your battery and getting a good voltage reading, DO NOT assume it's your starter or some other issue. Amps start engines, not just voltage. My HD battery read 12.8 volts. I charged it: still would not crank, just clicking noise. I desulfated the battery and recharged: same issue. Put it back on my 2006 FLHTCUI Touring Bike and watched the voltage for three days: dropped.4 volts (voltage drop believed to be because of alarm system). I purchased the Yuasu YIX30L-BS and it fit perfectly and cranked it without any problem. The engine even sounded like it's turning over faster. And finally, I stored both my HD motorcycles' information into Amazon and was made aware whether or not the battery would work on the particular bike I was needing it on. If you're not mechanically inclined, let someone who is work on your bike. Don't give a bad rating if you don't know what you're doing. Just my opinion. Oh, by the way, I just purchased the HD battery 14 months ago from my local HD shop. Warranty missed by 2 months. Coincident???
Nothing much to say about the battery, it a typical Lead Acid battery. Filling it isn't real simple. This DOES NOT come with the acid. You will need to go to the local autoparts store for that. The battery was packed well.
Setup is easy and it works just fine on my moped. 5star battery
I've found that I sort of collect headlamps as I like to try out new ones even though I have lots of them. I bought this headlamp for night time razor clam digging. I opted to go up in brightness to the level of a recently purchased headlamp, which has the adjustable center light, and two side lights that can be turned on as well. The three light style while technically brighter is too heavy and the side lights useless for clam digging. So, I bought this one in my search for the perfect clam digging headlamp. It's darn near perfect. It's bright enough, and being lighter is really a plus. The only thing I don't like is the zoom is push pull vs. Screw in and screw out. The screw type adjustable zoom is easier to adjust with one hand when clam digging. I did find that when I installed the battery and turned it on, it got stuck in SOS mode. I found that by removing the battery and waiting about 10 min and re-installing the battery cleared what ever wasn't working, and it's worked like a champ ever since. Overall, a very good head lamp. I'd recommend it.
I installed this on my 1981 Honda Express NC50 moped. It has worked exactly as expected. Don't forget to order battery acid and have a means to charge a 6 volt battery.
This is really a good battery. It was put in an ATV. I have used this brand prior and looked for it again.
Best motorcycle brand bar none..
Make sure to follow the instruction to put the fluid in the battery. I ride only a few hundred miles a year and the last one lasted for almost 10 years! I do have it connected to a battery tender when the bike is in the garage.
Working perfect. Very easy to use and great. I love to see my kids face when it came in. Thank you.
I had bought one earlier for my electric trike battery system. Excellent quality, price, service & supplier. That is why I have purchased this my 2nd charger as a backup.
worked great
I use several small 2 am battery chargers to keep the batteries in my cars, trucks, ATV and tractors charged, especially in the winter months, and with extensions such as this I can leave the chargers near the wall plugs and not have to pull batteries to keep them charged .A solidly made product.
The cable itself seems fine, but its not designed to be connected and disconnect it periodically -the plastic cover is weak and will break.
These were the right length and worked perfectly for the application/project I needed them for.
I purchased and carefully filled the battery with electrolyte, put it on a slow charge; 24 hours later it was cranking my motorcycle with all the power needed. Thus far I'm very pleased with this battery. Every morning, and through-out the day, this battery will cold start with power to spare. Good price, excellent product!
If there is waste or holding tank rinse water left that has not made it to the campground waste dump, this works great for transferring that waste from my Airstream to my home sewer line by removing that big square plug in the wall. Non of this cleanout process is ever any fun, but this comes close!
Pretty poor instructions. The pump does as advertised, but the motor does labor pretty hard on just liquids, best to only turn the pump on occasionally while dumping. It works well for me and does what it was purposed to do. I researched quite a bit before purchasing this pump, and for the price and the occasions I use it, it works well.
The pump works great. The only issue is that you have to make your own connections if your power is more than 5 feet away.
Have used it once every three days for two weeks and has worked great.
Works Great
I was very pleased with this product!!
Prone to motor burn out if you aren't very very careful with how much strain you put on it. We've had 3. Means I like them but you have to be really careful, and even when you are... it'll eventually burn out.
Works as expected
Best price and perfect for the motorhome.
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