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customized 36v ebike battery lithium factory price for e-bike

customized 36v ebike battery lithium factory price for e-bike

Customized 36v ebike battery lithium factory price for e-bike

Air door to door/sea/FOB
TT/PAYPAL/Western Union
428*160*75mm 24V 8-20AH 36V 8-20AH 48V 8-20AH
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Application Scope
The e-bike battery of Freego Lithium Battery is applicable in the following scenes.Freego Lithium Battery provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs.
Company Advantages
1. The design of Freego dry battery for bike has been optimized. For example, the system components including reservoirs, heat exchangers, and piping have been improved by our designers.
2. The product has been recognized internationally for its performance and quality.
3. People can set assured to stand near it without being afraid of getting hurt because this product is shock resistant.
4. Many of our customers say it will not get pilling or undergo color fading even they wash it many times.

  • Applicable for electric bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles,and other small vehicles;

  • Fixed to the down tube easily and save space;

  • Over 2000 life cycles which can work approx. 5 years;

  • Thin size and light weight with Plastic material;

  • Special cell holders design is safer for cells’ vibration.









Normal Capacity

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

Normal Voltage







Inter Impedance







Maximum Charge Current







Maximum Charge Voltage







Constant Discharge Current







Maximum Discharge Current







Discharge Stop Voltage







Weight Reference







Life Cycles

800 cycles

2000 cycles

Work Temperature







Store Temperature

In one month



In sit month




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 24 hours on line to reply you immediately.

 OEM/ODM is available

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   ---Customized design and material

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Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insure the products' quality
Samples could be prepared for you on time
Guide you how to install
 Compensate for the product if some quality problems on our side
If you come to our factory, please inform us in advance,we pick you up if our driver available

Company Features
1. Freego is a globally famous manufacturer who concentrates on the R&D and manufacture of 36v ebike battery .
2. We have established our own quality management system. Under the requirements of this system, we place various inspection points throughout all the production procedures to ensure all products are being made according to stipulated standards.
3. It is a never-ending pursuit of Freego Power Co., Ltd. to deeply and forwardly meet and nurture customers' external and potential needs. Inquiry! Leading the Inquiry! market is the aim of Freego. Inquiry!
Works great after several months of usage. I empty my black water tank every two weeks. Boy does the grass grow where the hose discharges. The first time I used it, I thought it was broken. Some one had thrown a toothpick in the toilet. It got wedged under the impeller and caused the in line fuse to blow. Read the install instructions and use the correct size wire for the length needed to the power source. Get the correct size hose for discharging the tank. 3/4" hose 50 ft long maximum.
Great for emptying tanks at home, saves from having to find dump station.This is my second one, the first finally gave up after 9 years of heavy use. They sure went up in cost since 1st one.
Finally had to use this. Worked great and fit as expected. Must have for long trips.
This is a Christmas present for my son. The quality is fine. Hope the fit is good. Shipping is excellent.
I studied all types of batteries including the Li ion which looked good but they need a special charger with no desulfation feature which I did not have. Charger was expensive and the battery to be replaced was over 6 years old so I went with the Yuasa which fit fine and worke great.
Great value and fast shipping! This baby runs my airplane (a Sting Sport LSA)!
This was an exact fit for my motorcycle and after a good charge it works perfect for a replacement. Great product.
Nice light packable cover. Make sure your bike cools down before you cover it back up. Otherwise you will be using a lot of duct tape.
This battery has been working great for over a year now on my 2003 Honda 250EX, even through a very cold winter last year.
This fits my Harley Davidson 2007 softail heritage perfectly. Easy to slip on and folds down for easy storage. Highly recommend for the California "winter" rains.
Fit correctly and works well.
Buen producto
A++++++ worth every penny
Does what it's made for
Works flawlessly. Good product.
Perfect fit. Work's great so far.
good to go, product as advertised... excellent!
Identical to original,shipped promptly,works great and the price was right, I am very happy.
Stick with the stock battery, as installed with your bike.. YUASA! Use a great conditioner charger like the CTEK. This battery will give you years of unquestionable reliability. The reason I say use a battery conditioner - charger like the CTEK is, typically your bike or ATV is not ridden daily. The CTEK (or similar) keeps the battery at a safe reliable stage for when it's needed.
this battery is working good, was very easy to charge. i was kind of wary to put the acid on it, but at the end, no big deal, just follow the procedure, which basically, is to remove the red sticker you on top of the battery, remove the long black cover from the acid bottles, you will find they still sealed with individual paper/aluminum seals for each container, so, even with the cover removed from the acid bottles, still the acid is contained there. you dont remove those. You put the acid upside down in the battery, it will fit nicely, and push it controlled but hard, to broke the seals and start filling the battery... just follow the instructions in the paper, no biggie and you get a super fresh battery. i will try to get all my motorcycles batteries this way from now on.
Once I filled the battery fluid and charged her up, she worked as advertised. 2nd time Ive purchased this battery and it is a good product.
So far so good in my '14 Monster 796. This was the battery that was in my bike before replacing with the new one. I had ordered a cheaper alternative and ended up having to send that battery back after a month. I knew this battery was good as soon as the bike started. No delayed turn over or continuous ignition sparking. Adding the electrolytes was easier than anticipated and as long as you take your time, you shouldn't have any issue. Should have gone with this battery first!
Arrived as promised and product was as described
I bought this to replace a YTX16-BS-1 that finally died of overuse/poor charging on my part. Don't let a battery sit for 18 months or so. That's what trickle chargers are for. Battery came with the acid in a separate container. Very easy to fill the battery. Just make sure that you place the battery on something level and stable and you follow the directions as to fill process. Put something under the battery to make sure you don't accidentally spill any acid onto a nice table or anything. Perfect fit for my 2000 LC1500 Intruder, as was the first one in 2005. Come with the necessary lug adapters for connecting the terminal cables. Use the new ones, don't reuse the old ones. Clean your cables as well, especially if you have any white corrosion on the terminal. I plan on treating this one a lot better. Safe Riding all!
Fits well. Dimension are true to the bike. Easy to set up. The adding of the fluid issue was a bit concerning to me while waiting for the battery. It was no problem. The assembly was easy. No mess. No clean up. Just open the seal on the battery side. Invert the fluid container over and allow it to fully drain into the battery. There was no over-fill situation. Replace battery seal and tap it lightly with a hammer. Charge battery for one to two hours and Broommm Broommm Broommm it goes!!! I would buy this brand again whenever the need for it presents itself. Top Notch.
Works great
Husband said it was what he needed.
Connects our RV to the Battery with ample wiring to move the panels into the sun!
not sure how good it is going to work with my motorcycle yet. it takes a very good battery to turn over the engine on my motorcycle.
Had to fill it with acid from the parts store ($10) and had to charge it quite awhile but with the money saved from the dealer quoted price of $120, I am definitely pleased.. It cranks every time. All the reviews that are upset about it being dry just simply didn't read the multiple messages that says it is dry and you will need acid. Not the batteries fault at all.
only wish it came with acid ad i did not have to buy separate
Great product
These are great quality cables. You will be very happy when you get these.
No electrolyte AND doesn't fit. Great. My fault for not reading but, why would I buy through Amazon if I have to go to the battery store for an overpriced, not correctly sized bottle of acid?
I thought this was a good price until I received it and realized that it did not come with the fluid. It is dry. Be sure to order electrolyte pack or be ready to go to the auto part store and fork out some more $$$$$
I have always used the RED/GREEN felt protectors from the auto store that they sell you when you buy a new battery. In addition, I would buy the small packet of Vaseline-like gel to coat the terminals. Well - times have changed. These protectors along with the NOCO red spray are light-years ahead of my old methods for stopping corrosion. This is the way to go - no looking back ...these actually work!
Works well! I used to get those little "ketchup packets" containing anti-corrosion gel from the place where I got the replacement car batteries. Those packets are expensive - around $2 each, and very clumsy to handle. This bottle, on the other hand, has a convenient brush that you can use to apply the anti-corrosion compound on the battery terminals/posts. It seems to be very sticky, and seems to work well so far
I miss the part where it says no acid included... purchased the acid from auto zone for 10$ also bought a charger/maintainer with a fully charge indicator
Best battery at the best price, can't beat it.
On time an as describe
We have enjoyed using this speaker, definitely great for our hot tub ! I don’t have to worry about the speaker getting wet. I also tried it in the shower , music was very clear . My husband called me and he could hear me clear . The suction is strong , holds tight.
So far I love this product. I can listen to music or books in the shower. I think it even acts as a speaker phone but I haven't tried that option yet. Volume is loud enough to hear over the running water. Sound could be a litter better but I think for the price it's good enough.
This is great size and perfect for my daughter. She has been asking for one and this is just what she wants! Size is not too small but not too big either. About the diameter of a soda can, slightly bigger. And it is very sturdy so if she drops it in the shower, I think it will be ok!
Read fine print , does not come with the electrolyte
Fast shipping, reasonable price!
Gets my Low Rider running real quick. Nothing bad to say about this battery. Just keep it on trickle charge while in storage or it will go bad in one season. I found out the hard way when I forgot to plug the charger back into the wall outlet after using a power tool.
Item as described, no issues
I'm confident the battery itself will be fine, this review is more critical of the incorrect or lack of information provided than the battery itself. I bought this battery for a non-standard application so weight and dimensions are important. The 7.8 pound weight is wrong. According to the Yuasa website the dry weight is 11.2 pounds. The dimensions provided by Amazon are also wrong, it is 8 1/8" x 3 9/16" x 6 3/8". Also the electrolyte capacity is 44 oz and not included. Shouldn't Amazon bundle these 2 items together?
Great taste, less filling.
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