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customized 36v ebike battery changzheng online for e-bike

customized 36v ebike battery changzheng online for e-bike

Customized 36v ebike battery changzheng online for e-bike

Air door to door/sea/FOB
TT/PAYPAL/Western Union
428*160*75mm 24V 8-20AH 36V 8-20AH 48V 8-20AH
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Company Advantages
1. The raw materials of Freego dry battery for bike are in conformity with the industry quality standards. It has passed security tests and is certified under SGS ROHS, CE, CB, KC, UN38.3, and MSDS
2. With obvious competition capacity, the product has a bright development prospect. After one year's use, the battery is almost undiminished
3. The product can bear the most demanding industrial conditions. It is made of heavy-duty materials such as steel alloys and is not prone to rust and corrosion. A reasonable price is given to the product
4. The product has the advantage of strong compatibility. It can perfectly work with other mechanical systems to bring out the best results. Company logo can be printed on the customized product

  • Applicable for electric bikes, e-scooters, e-motorcycles,and other small vehicles;

  • Fixed to the down tube easily and save space;

  • Over 2000 life cycles which can work approx. 5 years;

  • Thin size and light weight with Plastic material;

  • Special cell holders design is safer for cells’ vibration.









Normal Capacity

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

10000mAh (0.2c)

Normal Voltage







Inter Impedance







Maximum Charge Current







Maximum Charge Voltage







Constant Discharge Current







Maximum Discharge Current







Discharge Stop Voltage







Weight Reference







Life Cycles

800 cycles

2000 cycles

Work Temperature







Store Temperature

In one month



In sit month




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 Best quality and the lowest price can meet your demand.

 Impeccable after-sales sevice will solve all worries after you buy our products.

 24 hours on line to reply you immediately.

 OEM/ODM is available

   ---Printing logo on customized products

   ---Customized design and material

   ---Customized packing for your products

Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insure the products' quality
Samples could be prepared for you on time
Guide you how to install
 Compensate for the product if some quality problems on our side
If you come to our factory, please inform us in advance,we pick you up if our driver available

Company Features
1. Freego Power Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company with a good reputation. We gain specialization in the designing and manufacturing of dry battery for bike . Every step of the production process of 36v ebike battery is monitored by the strictest control system.
2. The improvement of technical power has also promoted the development of Freego.
3. Freego Power Co., Ltd. is widely known for its solid technical foundation. Freego has been stressing the importance of customer satisfication. Inquire now!
I bought two of these one for myself and one for my friend. The one I bought I put on a Gary Fisher gitche gumee and the other one was put on a Schwinn High Sierra. Both bags fit like they were custom-made. Very happy with this product .Thanks
I bought several of these as gifts for the guys in my family. They seemed quite nice and were very nicely packaged for gift wrapping. I haven't received any comments about whether they liked them.
The screen I ordered this battery under listed two P.N.s, the one I always have ordered in the past and one I did not recognize. The difference being the number I have ordered under in the past comes filled and sealed in the box, while the one I received here had to have the electrolyte put in the battery. It really is no big deal and the electrolyte comes in a plastic tube assembly that made filling easy. The tube assemble slides into the holes on top of the battery, press firmly down to break the seal and let drain. Remove the tubes, add the sealant strip and you are done.
This was a great replacement battery for our mule. We depend on it to start in the cold weather and it has been as good as or better than the one that came with the mule when it was new. We use the mule to check fence lines and take grain to the animals as well as cleaning up the yard in the spring so we need a dependable battery. This one fills the bill. I will buy another one when we need it. Our son added the acid but he said it would have been safe for me to do because of the way it was packaged and the instructions were great and very little chance of a spill. Really even if you dropped it while adding the acid it would not spill because of the design of the container.
This is a nice light--has great brightness. Four stars because sometimes the light does not flash--it stays a constant red. I can't figure out what triggers this.
Does what is says. Batteries lasts about 3 one-hour rides...good product considering the price. I think is what value means.. Just discount the market-y description (Ultra-blah-blah)...
nice construction and fits snugly on my handle bars. The zipper is also sturdy. However, It is challenging to open when riding.
Kinda hard to get my iPhone 6+ in it but it fit haven’t rode the bike with the phone yet but will soon
I would highly recommend this product, we love ours. We bought two and would purchase again!
Quality is not that great, but works fine for now.
Fits my Samsung Note 8 perfectly!
Easy to install and remove. Clear view and can see phone great when riding. Holds it secure and has extra room for card if I need it. Great price, great product!!
I think the material is good and I like how it’s water proof but only time will tell. Overall great smart phone bike gear would recommend this .
Not a bad product. Quality is good. Only thing I don’t like is the fit on the bike. Tends to go down if you try to fit it tight.
Great accessory for easy phone access, keys, glasses etc. Wraps easily on handle bars.
Sits in a weird angle on my bike but still works really well
Works great
I like this.
Fast shipping - Prime - great product and price - solid piece, works well - take time with the zipper around corners. Very happy!
very good!!
Functional. Easy.
Attaches securely
Love the Velcro holds for the phone; they allow for a greater versatility in phone/case size and allow it to press tight to the clear screen for better touch screen access. A nice size compartment for carrying incidentals on your ride. The straps do not hold the case in same position throughout the ride, it is not in danger of falling off but a I would like more stability after placement. My only real complaint is the zipper, it is a cheap thin plastic one that sticks easily and is likely to break with much use.
Easy to attach, room under phone for wallet, keys and snack bar. Good quality zippers with good water resistence.
This item is perfect for charging my Lifepo4 batteries. It out puts exactly 29.4v to keep my batteries at full charge. The item cam and the plug was exactly as descibed. It doesnt push alot of amperage but a slow charge is perfect for what i needed.
The battery is priced right but as a fits all type there were problems with the posts being backwards for me but being it is smaller and I did get it to work.
works as it should
This cord was a perfect fit for my husbands scooter, he lost his charger, and I was thankful to find this one!!
I bough one of these for a small survival hiking preparedness kit I'm putting together. The light is much nicer than expected and the included case is frekin awesome. Its small, lightweight, and runs on a single AA battery (I can't say enough about using a single AA instead of three AAA's). Since its going into a backup/survival kit, I'm using an Energizer Lithium battery with it so it can sit for a very long time or be used in cold weather without having to worry about being dead when I need it. The case is a big plus and I'm able to fit one battery in the light along with a second spare all inside the case. Nice! 2 batteries inside the same space. Enough run time to hike out at night if needed. The light won't break any records for brightness, but both low and high are adequate for the purpose. The flood (two side LED's) I don't see using. But again, the price/value, weight, single AA are great! One question I had was does it draw any power while off? My meter isn't working too well, but I estimate it was about 0.1ma draw, probably for the on/off switch circuit (this is common). Thats not a lot of power, but over a year it will deplete my battery by about 1/3rd if I leave it installed. My solution, was simply stick one of those plastic page flags (you know to mark pages in a book and have them stick out .4 in x 1 in) between the battery and the + terminal. That way I can simply pull the tab and the battery will connect. No fumbling in the dark to figure out which direction to install the battery. Still 5 stars since I don't fault the manufacture for this common switch power draw. Its not a big deal if you use the light regularly. Its not intended to sit for 3 years before use. Side note on the AA situation. I also have a GPS that uses two AA's. So my goal is to simply make sure I'm using all the same battery types while hiking. That way I have options.
In my opinion this is a great product. I like that its rechargeable. Plus another great feature is that you can plug it in to an outlet and not worry about batteries. Or you can use batteries if you want. Another great feature is that you can choose the level of brightness. And it's very bright light. Plus it's adjustable to fit perfectly tight and comfortable on your head. I highly recommend this.
Not as bright as the three battery headlamps but I was expecting that. Since I use it mostly for close-up work it's fine for me. It seems durable and the strap feels like higher quality material than the last one I had. I doubt it would work well for camping or walking around outside in the dark, a brighter headlamp would likely be better for that.
I bought this head mounted lamp to give for a Christmas present. I tried it out before I gift wrapped it and liked how bright and light weight it was. Easy to turn on and off too. Two intensity levels and a flood light option, all easily to choose with one push button switch.
Easy to use. Just insert one AA battery, press button and you're ready to go. Angle of light and headband can be adjusted.
Excellent value. Light performs well. Is designed for ease of use. Powerful enough and the focusing feature is very helpful.
Great light, various settings, easy to install.
Bright, blinky, and long-lasting (so far). Love the quick-release clasp so I can take it with me into the store. Bonus: it's shaped such that you can hold it over your eyes and look like a menacing cyborg from a 90s noir science fiction flick.
The light is bright and has many options as far as mounting and flashing. Seen well even in daylight.
Have not tested it on the bike, but it is really bright.
Fast delivery at a great price. Follow directions to fill and charge the battery.
I have several electric start off road vehicles and have installed Yuasa batteries in all. Here in rural Wyoming (elevation 7600 feet) we have a wide range of temperatures (-40F to +90F) and the batteries work just fine at all temperatures.
Great quality batteries, Yuasa is the battery brand of choice for many OEMS, and this was an identical replacement for my 2014 Yamaha ttr230 dirt bike. Set up was easy and so far the Battery is preforming like my bike was when it was new. One thing I’ve learned is that letting your bike sit up for a while can eventually lead to premature failure of the battery. I purchased the Yuasa battery tender which comes with extensions cables that attached to the battery and give you a hook up for the tender to connect; which prevents you from having to unbolt the rear right body panel to charge up the battery on my specific bike. All in all everything worked and fit great and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I’ll try and update this review with longevity and other things that might come up.
You cannot go wrong with a Yuasa battery. There's a reason these go for a premium price. This is the OEM battery in my TT-R230 and OEM Brand in my 600RR. Great little batteries, should last a long time as long as they're maintained properly.
I love that they shipp the core and electrolytes together but separate. The shelf life is extended that way.
I purchased this battery for my 2007 KTM XC-W 400 dirtbike. I put it on a charger after I filled it so it would have a full charge before placing in the bike. It fit perfectly. It works great for the price. It should be good for 2 years.
As other reviews have noted, the battery does not come with acid – that’s because it is dangerous to ship it – but you can purchase that separately from a local auto parts store for less than five bucks. You will need to fill the battery up with acid then put it on a slow charger overnight. It does come with the terminal screws / nuts which, if you’re like me, can be a problem as they seem to fall off into the WaveRunner if you’re not careful. Purchasing the replacement battery was about a third of the price than what was quoted at my local Yamaha dealer.
Thought I'd save time and money purchasing online. Price was good but battery came three days after the last proposed delivery date. Then I opened it and noticed there was no acid to fill it. So I wasted another day driving around looking for acid. Found some for over $20 at NAPPA only to realize it was not enough to properly fill the battery. I should've just bought the cheaper battery at walmart that comes with acid and would've been up and running a week earlier.
I actually have bought two of these now. Lots of power to start my 95 sea doos. I would buy again. It's kind of a pain in the butt to add acid, but worth the effort. Best place to buy the acid is O'Rileys. Too expensive to buy at Advance or Auto Zne. My mower battery seems to maybe be on the fritz so I will look for this same brand in the spring
I have always had good luck with Yuasa batteries. The problem with this battery is that it does not fit. I purchased this in March 2017 for a 2013 KLR650. It is too tall to properly install the top L shaped battery box bracket. The battery is about 1/8 inch to tall, and the battery posts sit up about 1/4 inch higher than the stock battery posts. The Amazon part picker tool listed this battery as fitting the 2013 KLR650, but when it did not fit, I checked the Yuasa website which does not show this battery as compatible with the 2013 and later KLRs. I say that it does not fit "properly" because you might be able to jam this battery into place and make it fit by installing the top part of the battery box bracket on the outside of the battery box instead of the inside, or leaving it off all together, and maybe inserting some foam padding to keep the battery from moving around / vibrating too much. The air box vent tube passes directly over both battery posts, so the fact that the posts are 1/4 inch higher, means that the battery cable terminals pinch/rub the air box vent hose. I don't know how important that is however. It may not be fully pinching the hose closed. My problem is that I just wanted a maintenance free battery that fits properly, and I paid a premium for that, and it does not fit properly. The battery setup was very easy however. You just remove the foil strip on the top of the battery, and place the acid bottle on top and press down. The acid flows into the battery, and when it is finished, you put the permanent caps on top and you are done. You should let the battery sit for an hour or two so the acid can absorb into the mats and it will have enough power to start your bike, however, for longest life, put it on a trickle charger to top it up before putting it into service. I let it sit over night, and then charged it at .8 amps and it seems to be holding it's voltage just fine. Now I just need to buy a bike to fit the battery.
This is the second YUASA maintenance free battery I have ordered for motorcycles I own. The exact model number is YUAM62H4L, which is for all vehicles that use a 14LA2 original battery. The YUASA brand name first drew my attention. The maintenance-free feature is also a plus, since many bikes' batteries are difficult to access. Made in USA(!) really caught my eye - it matters to me. This is a sealed battery and will not leak electrolyte onto painted or chromed surfaces in case of a tip-over. The electrolyte is included and comes in a segmented container that matches up exactly with the cells of the battery. The battery has specially deigned angle-cut tubes in the fill neck of each cell. To fill the battery, you simply invert the electrolyte container, match up its spouts with the filler holes in the battery, then press the container down until the angle-cut filler tubes puncture the seals in the electrolyte container. The container sits solidly atop the battery and will not tip or fall. Then, you wait and watch a few minutes as the electrolyte drains slowly into the battery. Once it is all in, you rock the electrolyte container to free it from the fill tubes and pull it straight up and off. The container comes with a black plastic cover over the fill necks. That, you remove and set aside for later use to seal the battery once it is filled. The cover fits quite snugly, which is reassuring, and it is simply pressed down into each fill neck until it is flush with the top surface of the battery. I used a 1 amp charger/maintainer to give it the initial charge. It took only about two hours before full voltage was reached. Good, high quality terminal bolts and nut plates are included. They are either stainless or plated. The battery I bought was $72.99, which I thought a little pricey. However, I checked at a local Kawasaki dealer and they were asking $99 + the governor for a Chinese battery that required maintenance. So, I chose the higher quality, American made (Reading, Pennsylvania), maintenance-free battery shipped to my door for $30 less than an imported battery that I would have had to travel to get. This top of the line battery is only about $20 more than the standard YUASA Yumicron maintenance type battery - easily worth the extra, in my mind. The first YUASA maintenance free battery I bought one year ago is still functioning as new in another bike. A great battery, great service, and ease of ordering through Amazon. I'm delighted. What more is there to say?
This is a great battery for the price,,I have never seen such a easy way to add the acid to activate the battery.Take the strip of caps off the acid turn it upside down
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