Custom of lithium battery

by:Freego     2020-05-28
The custom of lithium-ion batteries generally need you to put forward concrete electricity parameters ( Work such as voltage, current size, using the environment temperature range, work time requirements, charging ways, etc. ) And what do you expect the battery size requirements, and then by a professional battery manufacturer's technical personnel to make design according to requirements. And may involve the mold costs and development costs. If you need to show dongguan yi electronic ordering lithium battery, usually need to fill out a product demand list, if you currently don't know, some parameters in the table may need to check on their own, such as your working voltage range of electrical equipment, under the maximum power of working current size and so on, if there is no detection means and equipment, can express jinyi electronic products to dongguan exhibition to detect. Jinyi electronic exhibition after receiving the detailed demand will usually give a design scheme of clear dimension shape ( Have the drawings) , interface mode, the main raw materials used and the main technical specifications, as well as the cost of the product customization ( Such as hand do cost, mould cost, sample price and development costs, etc. ) , after confirmation of your company can arrange to make samples, after the completion of the sample is submitted to the expensive department to confirm and test, after you think OK, to get into the formal production link, if involve the issue of open mould, prenatal and an open mode, then try the mould, make formal samples to confirm again. Usually a simple sample ( Has nothing to do with the mold development) Usually in 7 - the development cycle 20 days, when it comes to samples of mold development, cycle in the 30 - 90 days.
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