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by:Freego     2020-08-01
Including 2 v, 12 v battery AGM and colloid valve control sealed lead batteries, 2 v, 6 v and 12 v rich fluid lead-acid battery, 2 v, 6 v and 12 v disc batteries and 48 v, 24 v, 36 v power lead batteries; Lithium ion batteries and their communication materials, winding battery, composite amorphous silicon thin film solar cells, wind power complementary solar energy system is expanding quickly, now can produce the solar cell module with wind power complementary functions and independent of the solar system. In the field of smart grid, the company has' solar module separate grid generation system ', 'complementary wind power generation system,' fiber OPLC ', 'high pressure large cross-section wire', 'intelligent village'. State grid corporation of intelligent charging systems' state grid energy storage power station ( The application of energy storage battery) ', plate AGM batteries, lithium ion battery system, super batteries, batteries, etc. Widely used in electric bicycles and electric vehicles. Lithium ion battery system has been successfully applied to Shanghai buses, running effect is good. Application scope: 6 - GFM valve-control sealed lead-acid battery is the modern advanced technology developed a new type of high energy double stick type battery. The performance indicators in line with the YD/T 799 - 2002 and IEC standards. The product is safe and reliable seal, high specific energy, low resistance, low self-discharge rate, charge acceptance ability, long cycle life, high sealed reaction efficiency. Can be widely used in telecom communications systems, uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) Fire protection system, emergency lighting, alarm system, mobile measuring equipment, power system, etc. Instrumentation, military, railway systems, automatic control equipment, etc.
is frequently used by people in daily life since it can improve dry battery for bike and electric cycle battery.
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Long gone are those days when battery motor for bicycle were used to lithium ion battery for bike. Now new like electric bike battery 48v 1000w lithium suppliers have come up.
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