Car battery why to dismantle the cathode, anode to hold?

by:Freego     2020-08-11
Car battery why to dismantle the cathode, anode to hold? Check why when the car circuit, first remove the battery cathode, installation to the anode, cathode to hold? Understand people will know that the questioner is a small white battery, as the overall understanding of the battery, of course, just enter the friends in this business, as the following inventec electronics co. , LTD. The engineer to understand why: 1, remove: first the cathode, anode is to dismantle the positive first open for security: for car circuit structure factors, negative level is in the car. Levels if first is apart, may is may cause short circuit run into other parts of the body, even if the terminal is not so long no body contact, but at the time of removal, with maintenance tools will encounter when body, will cause the battery short circuit. Battery short circuit is very dangerous, light person can cause short circuit battery damage, serious can cause fires, consequence is unimaginable. 2, installation: first to the anode, again with the negative when first installed battery level is the same, also is for safety, storage battery anode mount to wouldn't touch, because the battery cathode and body for the anode, even if exposed to also won't short circuit, and the cathode is connected to the body.
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