Car battery to 2 years to scrap

by:Freego     2020-08-09
Car battery can achieve 3 - normal use 4 years, maintain good and regular maintenance can use to 3 - commonly Five years, some car battery used 2 years will not be able to work again. This with the quality of the battery itself, maintenance, maintenance, and driving habits will affect the battery life. If do not check, not clear, don't understand, there is a kind of circumstance. Morning, or a lighter, it's all right, dozen don't move anymore, you can find a car battery set fire, call the repairman, very convenient, this is the best. Or, walking on the motorway, in the service area, the urine once, on a car battery is power off, this also is not difficult, the most is called the insurance company, to free electricity, or service area has a simple and easy repair shop, in a piece is no problem. Worst of all, you are in a hurry, and about the customer time to point; Or night without electricity, because with headlight; Or you didn't caught fire when the mood is bad, the most difficult, you really want to push directly into the ditch. It is struggle, why will appear this kind of circumstance? First: don't understand the car battery life. Today, most cars are maintenance-free batteries are used, the car battery in use do not need to add distilled water, terminal not corrosion, self-discharge less, long service life. But if you don't check in time, the car battery to BaoFeiQi owner is not clear, also affects the normal work of the car. Car battery BaoFeiQi is how long? In general to 2. 5 years - 3. 5 years between, the method is different, and my personal use there will be a very different life. In life, to do a test, look at the battery power insufficient, check early, early know, early replacement. The second: how to replace the car battery? One is the change after the car battery, shorter generally live a lot, even many car battery are refurbished storage battery. Why is that? Car battery, all know, after open, add the battery fluid can be used again, then bought a refurbished battery it doesn't matter, and the new do not have what difference. 2 it is to replace a new battery, it is exchange, with an old car in new battery, battery prices generally - 350 850 different and so on. 3 it is to replace the car battery, to distinguish is negative, to distinguish the corresponding model, because of some car by 50, 60 according to some, to see clearly. The general repair shop will help you to clear up, but also to understand myself. Third: battery in use some tips. A battery is daily inspection work, if is ordinary lead-acid batteries, paying special attention to the usual cleaning. The second is to pay attention to check whether a column and chuck connection fastening, sometimes is the clip is broken, cause not fire, also is very normal. 3 it is to start the car when the startup time should not be longer than three to five seconds, restart time interval is not less than 10 seconds. Four is that the car is not in use for a long, should be fully charge for car; Five is lighter before close all electric equipment, including light the night before, should first close the headlight, or play to open headlight on fire. Review: one is the battery is for all electrical equipment of power supply equipment, battery cannot work normally, the vehicles to provide electrical equipment normal working voltage, even can't normal start. Secondly, general motors and maintenance-free battery also often should check the working condition, problems should be timely replacement. 3 it is stalled car, every other month will have a car and maintain medium speed running about 20 minutes.
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