Car battery charged how

by:Freego     2020-08-09
When the voltage is lower than the required voltage, long-term storage battery ( More than 12 months) Should be recharging. When charging, abide by all of the following safety recommendations ( Such as wearing safety glasses) To ensure the personal safety. When your car battery, please refer to the user manual of the vehicle and battery charger, and connected to the safety of the battery. Remember, cell contains sulfuric acid, which can cause severe burns and easy explosion of hydrogen - Oxygen. Please be sure to read 'safe operation' chapter. Without reference charger instructions, do not recharge the battery. In addition to the charger manufacturers instructions, also should observe the following precautions: wear appropriate eye, face and hands protective equipment. Must be conducted in a well-ventilated place for battery charging. Keep the battery level before connect the wire to the battery, charger and timer rotate to the switch, to avoid danger. Don't give obvious damage or freezing of the battery. Connect the charger to the battery, the positive (red +) To connect to the positive side, +) , the cathode (black — ) One end connected to the cathode ( — ) 。 If the battery is installed in the car, will be the cathode is connected to the engine cylinder as the grounding line. Ensure that all electrical accessories (close ignition and If the car has the anode grounding line, please connect the anode to the engine cylinder block) 。 Ensure that connects to the battery charger is not damaged, abrasion, or loose. Set the timer, connected to the charger, slowly increase the charging rate, until you reach the required amp so far. If the battery heating or producing strong gas or jet electrolyte, reduce charging rate or temporarily shut down the charger. Before remove the wires, be sure to rotate the charger to the closed position, in order to prevent the danger.
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