Battery - Waste lead accumulator ultra high recovery value

by:Freego     2020-08-02
Lead-acid batteries for its low cost and recycled and is widely used in various fields. With the expansion of the market demand, China has become the world's largest lead-acid battery market, each year the number of waste lead acid battery and more than 2. 6 million tons. Because of the large size of lead-acid battery, is developing rapidly, the market potential of recycling waste lead acid storage battery should not be underestimated. The recycling of waste lead accumulator has the very high value. Why formal spent lead-acid battery processing enterprises do not do illegal? 'there are two reasons. The first is the purchase price. Illegal enterprises because of its simple technology, basically no cost, but normal company such as equipment, technology investment, cost is much higher than illegal enterprises, the purchase price with illegal enterprises are not equal. Due to the price factor, many recyclers or citizens to sell illegal enterprises waste batteries. The second, related law is not sound. The expert thinks, although the recycling of waste lead acid batteries has been for many years, but the law still has certain hysteresis. Countries should make more detailed, more strict laws and norms of waste lead acid battery recycling industry, increase support for formal business tax and fiscal subsidies. At the same time, we must strengthen the supervision and management, implement the law effectively. The recycling of waste lead acid battery is a big problem. So how can you get a piece, turn it into a cash cow? In addition to recognize the opportunity and grasp the market dynamic, must also pay close attention to national policy, to make the right decision.
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