Battery usage and matters needing attention

by:Freego     2020-08-13
The use of storage battery and matters needing attention: from the factory to install, battery capacity will be lost in different degrees. If the time is longer, battery should be charged before put into use. If the battery storage life no more than a year, in the constant pressure 2. 27 v / 5 days under the condition of charging. If the storage life of battery is 1/2 years, 2 at constant voltage. Under the condition of 33 v/charge for five days. If the float charging voltage higher or lower than this range, float charging voltage to 2. 25 v / 2。 30 v, float charging voltage should guarantee to 2. 25 v / 2。 30V。 If the float charging voltage higher or lower than this range, should guarantee the float charging voltage to 2. 25 v / 2。 30V。 ( 3) When the battery of floating charge, single battery voltage should be not less than 2. 20 v, if a single battery voltage is lower than 2. 20 v, should balance the charge. Equalizing charge method is: charging voltage of 2. 35 v/only, charging time is 12 hours. After discharge, the battery can charge the battery by constant voltage and limited current. Charging voltage of 2. 35 ~ 2. 45 v/min, the maximum current is not greater than zero. 25C10。 Specific charging method is as follows: first, with no greater than the current value of the current largest constant current charging. When the average voltage of 2. 35? 2. 45 v, until the end of the charge. ( 5) When the cycle has been fully charged battery symbol: if the battery under the condition of constant current limit and constant voltage charging, can choose one of the following two tags as how we judge: charging time 18 hours to 24 hours (1 The deep discharge time can be short) 。 At the end of charging, the charging current value for three hours remain the same. ( 3) Constant voltage 2. 35 and 2. 45 v is the environment temperature 25 ℃ specified values. When the environment temperature is higher than 25 ℃, should correspondingly reduce charging voltage, in order to prevent over charging. When the ambient temperature below 25 ℃, should increase the charging voltage in order to prevent the under charge. To reduce or increase the scope of usually is changing every 1 0 ℃ of the monomer. 005 V。 Battery charging should be immediately after discharge. If the battery on hold for too long after discharge, even charge, also cannot restore the original capacity. Battery, be sure to tighten the terminal bolt, lest produce sparks and poor contact.
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