Battery production step outside surface of the battery check content

by:Freego     2020-08-01
Battery battery production process have a tightness link in production process. If there is no right to check the connection, sulfuric acid of charging and discharging box will flow, because of a lack of dry water, battery will be a short circuit. Many users don't know these processes when receiving forklift battery, this led to the use often add a single battery, influence the use of storage battery forklift and air tightness. According to the test standard, in each battery into or take out some gas, between the battery and battery or battery with external pressure difference, to check up on the sealing performance of batteries are in good condition. The surface check 1 battery. Inspection for the surface of each battery pole column wire clamp is fixed, no loose phenomenon. 2. Second, check the battery shell should be no cracks and damage, electric pole and lead chuck should be no combustion and oxidation, or removed from the car battery and repair. 3. Should check the vents of the battery cover. If the battery cover vent plug, will affect the normal work of the battery, will also affect the normal battery charging, May produce gas not to go out, leading to expansion of the electrolyte battery shell burst) , which affects the service life of batteries.
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