Battery life is long

by:Freego     2020-08-08
Design of car battery service life generally for 2 years. Family car relativity economy, a lot of new car batteries can use 3 - 4 years, but usually in 2 years must be changing up and down. Harm battery life elements are: car conditions, road conditions and safe driving habit, natural environment and habitual car, battery life is also quite big difference. Car how long is the life of a battery when we change the battery, people must pay attention to, change the battery must be not less than the volume of the original car battery. Rechargeable battery capacity on the marks at the car goods, such as 12 vxah, and should be replaced for the original battery and well-known brands, is advantageous for the car can improve the application. Rechargeable battery conversion and after life, believe that many car buyers will think, how to let my car battery cycles increase? In fact, you just have to see the car at the bottom of the focus, I'm sure your car battery is 'live as long as the southern mountain'. When the car stopped, ensure that all the doors and small box off, all the lights are turned off, in order to prevent the excessive charging the battery charge and discharge. Immediately blocked the car to the car to sleep, it is the guard against theft cases power-saving methods. If not be used the car for a long time, proposed tear open come down to the rechargeable battery negative level, in order to avoid battery self-discharge and vehicle static current battery lost electricity damage. Not when you start the engine, to prevent long-term application of electrical equipment ( The car audio, car lights, projector, central air conditioning, etc. ) 。 If miles a day short or long night safe driving, need to be in the car on a regular basis to the storage battery is fully charged.
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