Battery in wind power equipment power calculation method

by:Freego     2020-08-12
The calculation method of wind power generation in the storage battery as a result of the wind speed change frequently, when the current is bigger, the motor output current is small, when wind speed is low, the charging current and charging time needed for it is difficult to determine. In this case, we use the following two kinds of calculation method to determine the battery capacity configuration. 1, power balance calculation method. Calculation steps are as follows: a. According to the wind speed data provided by local meteorological department, according to the wind speed data provided by local meteorological department, initial work within the scope of the different wind speed fan wind speed of wind speed of wind velocity is calculated day by day. B。 According to the selection of wind turbines is P = f ( V) Characteristic curve and the wind speed data, calculation of power station, and annual power generation curve drawing. According to Inner Mongolia right flag wind speed data of commercial machinery factory 100 years of the fan. Calculation shows that under the condition of local wind, the annual output of 276 degrees of the machine. Changes can be seen from the line and the daily capacity is large, the end of April the biggest is 19 degrees, only in February, phase difference nearly 20 times, need to configure the battery energy storage regulation. Under conditions of telecom, the daily power consumption calculation, and gives the power consumption of all the year round. As shown in figure in the line. D。 Compare electricity and power line, and to determine the required battery capacity is less than the maximum power consumption difference time ( Figure in the diagonal lines) The electricity. The maximum number of difference in the figure 2. 3 degrees. Need to configure the better batteries, battery is only four blocks, 12 - 48. The total capacity of the VA. 2, experience calculation method according to our test, the following formula can be simply in the right HouQi and commercial wind conditions used to estimate the required battery capacity. The Q_ used to configure the battery capacity ( When Ann) ; P_ load power ( Watts) ; T_ day power consumption hour; U - Standard cell voltage ( Normally for 12 v) ; N_ battery reserve circulation coefficient; ( According to the wind and, generally 3 ~ 8 days) K_ discharge control factor ( 8) The above formula considers the power rating of electrical equipment, local weather conditions, The airless time average time) And discharge should be controlled in a certain extent, in order to prevent the battery over discharge. Install the right rear logo as an example, three families of 100 watts of machines, each with a 12 v 15 watt bulb 2 family will light up only five hours a day, to calculation to configure the battery capacity. ( 8) Substitution formula: when selecting 6 piece of L2 - Total 48 battery, the battery capacity is 288%. When determining the standard cells, it is important to note that the storage capacity of the unit should be able to safely accept wind generator output Imax maximum current intensity.
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