Battery failure and maintenance

by:Freego     2020-08-01
1 the introduction since 1859, when the French scientists plante since the invention of lead-acid battery, has been one hundred years of history. It with other chemical power source, is an electric energy and chemical energy conversion device with each other. Because it has a high electromotive force and good charge and discharge reversible electrochemical principle, using a wide temperature range, clear, easy to master production technology and raw materials is rich and cheap etc, obtain the widespread application. With the development of science and technology, from the 50 s, to the traditional technical innovation of lead-acid battery. Especially the battery ( VRLA) , overcome the acid and the disadvantages of the headache of the acid mist is easy to enable it to put together with the electronic equipment use, conform to the requirements of the user product easy to use the historical development trend, make its more wide application field. 1. 1 product market prospect according to the data statistics: in 1999, the world's lead-acid battery sales income of about $19. 8 billion, and increasing at the rate of 5% a year. In our country, with the sustained and rapid development of economy, the car industry, communication, electric power, railway transportation, computer and other basic industries development is very rapid, these industries are in a high-growth period, the growing demand for storage battery, greatly promoted the development of battery industry, lead-acid battery in China for nearly a decade of demand more rapidly growing at an annual rate of 10%. According to the China battery industry association announced in October 2000, the tenth five-year plan ', the battery industry figures: 1999 national lead-acid battery production reached 26. 25 million KVAh, annual sales to 10. 500 million dollars. Lead-acid battery in 15 planning goal is: to 26. 25 million KVAh as the base, an annual 5% moderate growth. 2005 the annual output of 35 million KVAh. Statistical results show that all sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries gradually replace the traditional open type lead-acid battery will become the future trend of the development of the lead-acid battery industry. 1. The working principle of the working principle of the 2 battery basically followed the traditional lead-acid battery, it is the positive active material of lead dioxide ( PbO2) , the cathode active material is spongy lead ( Pb) , the electrolyte is dilute sulphuric acid ( H2SO4) And its electrode reaction equations as follows: the positive: PbO2 + + 2 h + + e - 2 - H2SO4 Please -> PbSO4 + 2 h2o negative: Pb + - H2SO4 please - PbSO4 + 2 h + + e - 2 The whole cell reaction equation: Pb + PbO2 + - H2SO4 pbso4 please -> 2 + 2 H2O ordinary lead-acid battery in the process of charging, the oxygen precipitation the anode and the cathode exhalation hydrogen: the positive: 1/2 o2 and H2O + 2 h + + e - 2 Negative: 2 h + + e - 2 - H2 equation can be seen from the above that exist in the process of charging water decomposition reaction, when the positive charge to 70%, began to oxygen precipitation, negative charge to 90% when start leaching hydrogen, due to the precipitation of hydrogen, oxygen, if the gas generated in the reaction, can not be utilized to composite battery will water dried up. Battery made important improvements on the structure, material, positive plate gate using lead calcium tin quaternary alloy or low antimony alloy aluminum, negative plate gate using tin aluminum four yuan lead calcium alloy, partition using superfine glass fiber cotton ( AGM) And use the tight assembly and barren solution design, in the cover of the battery set a one-way valve. The battery structure, due to the use of antimony tin aluminum four yuan lead calcium alloy, improves the cathode hydrogen evolution overpotential, thereby inhibit the precipitation of hydrogen, at the same time, the special relief valve to keep the battery internal pressure, is made of super fine glass fiber cotton ( AGM) Clapboard, using cathode absorption technology, through the barren solution type design, reserve, the division between is negative in the gas channel. So under the provisions of charging voltage charging, the positive precipitation of oxygen ( O2) Can be transmitted clapboard channel to the negative plate surface, reduction of water ( H2O) , the equation is as follows: valve control type sealed lead-acid batteries unique internal oxygen cycle reaction mechanism characteristic of valve control type sealed lead battery internal oxygen cycle reaction mechanism, the charging process, the water in the electrolyte almost no loss, make the battery in use process does not need to add water.
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