Battery discharge characteristics

by:Freego     2020-08-01
Battery discharge characteristics is a series of curves. In a certain environment temperature ( Figure 25 ℃) , at the end of the battery voltage and the relationship between the discharge time is called the discharge curve, depends on the discharge current. As can be seen from the discharge curve of the following features: ( 1) The curve of the maximum discharge time, discharge time for 10 hours, for constant current, we call it 10 hours of discharge rate curve, with the capacity of the curve measurement with C10 said. C10/6 a x 10 h = 60 Ah if 1 hour with constant exile the same battery electric measurement, C1/41. 9×1 h = 41。 9 ah, therefore, only after the calibration to discharge system, battery capacity is comparable value. ( 2) Whatever discharge current, at the beginning of the discharge, because shenzhen battery charged by the state to discharge, has slightly increased after the first terminal voltage drop. Electrical charge quickly released near the plate, away from the electrode plates need to charge before release gradually transferred to the plate electrode. This process at the end of the battery valley formed a large voltage. ( 3) Whatever discharge current, the end of the storage battery voltage will eventually show inflection point has fallen sharply. In the safe operation of the process, connected to the knee point of curve is called the terminal voltage curve. UPS battery voltage terminal design around the inflection point curve. After the inflection point of the curve has a tendency to a sharp drop in before the end of the discharge curve, known as the voltage of the minimum curve, showed that when the discharge voltage is lower than the curve, can lead to permanent failure battery. That is to say, the battery can't restore storage capacity. Visible, in the UPS designed to prevent battery deep discharge protection function is very necessary.
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