Battery - Dc panel battery can be replaced part

by:Freego     2020-08-02
A customer asked the following question: dc batteries can be replaced? 'dc panel is also one of the more common electrical equipment in power plant or transformer substation. Provide power load and power load control and dc panel lighting load dc accident. It is of great importance in modern power system control and protection equipment. Dc panel by charging tank, the charging module, monitoring module, battery pack and the ladder silicon chain. It has the characteristics of high reliability and high intelligence. Dc battery can replace the dc battery part of the screen, let's talk about dc screen used batteries, namely without maintenance of valve control lead-acid batteries, it corresponds to the Ritz battery, also is a series of fixed energy storage battery. Widely used in UPS uninterruptible power supply, dc screen, communications power lights and other equipment, has a very high stability and safety, and can achieve the result of lifelong maintenance. In terms of life, it is by far the most popular of lead-acid battery, if it is a gel, the service life of more than 12 years. So, dc battery can partly replace? As we know, dc block battery is composed of 18 batteries in series. According to the test instrument, the customer found that three of the battery no longer work, we want to replace the three piece of battery, whether it is feasible? Liu Gong company put forward the following Suggestions: 24 ah battery under warranty for one year, namely low volume small compact battery itself on the design life is one year cycle. In this way, the emergence of the problem battery to reach its service life. If replace with three of the batteries, if in use process due to the change of current and resistance between the old and new batteries and keep before 15 old and old battery, the current and resistance has changed. To reduce the stability and security of the battery pack. Therefore, we suggest that change the whole team. After listening to customers' technology couldn't agree more, actively change the battery. Soon, the customer equipment began to work again.
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