Automobile storage battery maintenance and maintenance method

by:Freego     2020-08-08
Automobile storage battery maintenance and maintenance method: ( 1) Battery electrolyte level must be maintained at the highest and lowest level among, check once a month, and according to the level of the down properly into distilled water, Pure water) , do not add acid. ( 2) Rechargeable battery voltage is insufficient, illumination dark, priming effect is weak, the external battery charging immediately. ( 3) Avoid battery charging or long-term failure, overcharge can lead to the degradation of active material, and no electricity can make the electrical plate vulcanizing rubber, ensure that the operating voltage of the controller but high or low. ( 4) In the process of the whole application, must check whether the ventilation hole is smooth, to prevent deformation or cracking rechargeable batteries. ( 5) Rechargeable battery shall stop the heat and fire, charging should keep the natural ventilation, in case of burn injury. ( 6) To avoid long-term large current charge and discharge of battery, each application must not exceed 5 seconds, start 2 consecutive, 10 - distance For 15 seconds. ( 7) The battery must be securely installed inside the car, in order to reduce vibration. ( 8) Always check the battery electrode circuit solid, all union must keep good contact, in order to avoid cause fire and explosion battery. Caused by a ring of rechargeable batteries metal oxide and potassium thiocyanate must be cleaned and coated with glycerol to prevent rust. ( 9) Clear the dust on the battery cover waste regularly, full of lithium battery electrolytes, keep clean and dry, avoid lithium battery service life. ( 10) Openings shall be immediately repaired. ( 11) Car drivers in a cold area, in order to prevent the charging and discharging, and prevent the lithium battery electrolyte freeze-dried.
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