10 reasons of ups battery damage

by:Freego     2020-07-31
Ups battery damage 10 reasons: 1. The contamination caused by environmental pollution, Such as Marine environmental pollution, citric acid, etc. ) 2. When UPS battery charging current add too much current will pass an alternating current burst, battery service life greatly reduced. 3. Electrical plate deformation leading to positive plate contact with coating plate, cause a short-circuit fault. 4. Accumulate at the top and bottom plate waste caused by short circuit fault. 5. Charge and discharge, booster abnormal maintenance to charge and discharge circuit of switching power supply, booster negative switch power supply is too small, lead to battery charging and discharging. 6. Long-term storage battery ( No charge or charge) , but the battery will not for a long time to also fail. 7. Some use unqualified charger, the charger not limited flow device, formation damage to the battery. 8. No electrolyte, application time is long, the electrolyte can be filled once a year. 9. Lithium battery electrolytes than too much. 10. Battery charging at high temperature, because the professional skill of the lead-acid battery constantly improve, the entire application process of protection is low. But the customer also can't do anything, because it has no maintenance features, but careless management method. Some simple inspection and maintenance is still necessary, so it can be more powerful to ensure that the battery application.
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